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          1. 东莞市香港城市大学研究院青年研究员招聘公告(2021年第一批)

            发布时间: 2021-09-03 截止时间: 长期 工作地点: 广东省东莞市


























            Research Position Opening at CityU Dongguan Research Institute
            (1st batch, 2021)

            City University of Hong Kong (CityU) in early 2020 signed the collaboration agreements with Dongguan Municipal Government and Dongguan University of Technology to establish CityU (Dongguan) in Songshan Lake Science City. CityU (Dongguan) is scheduled for opening in September 2023.

            In August 2020, City University of Hong Kong Dongguan Research Institute (CityUDGRI) was officially established to facilitate the preparatory work of CityU (Dongguan). It conducts technology transfer activities and brings in CityU’s competitive research projects and spearhead research in several key areas: Advanced Materials, Internet of Things, Computer Science and Information Technology as well as Neutron Scattering and Applied Physics. It also recruits Ph.D students through CityU in Hong Kong.

            To accelerate the research work in the key areas and lay the foundation for the education and discipline construction of CityU (Dongguan), CityUDGRI is now recruiting talented Research Fellow. Once the CityU (Dongguan) is formally established, this position shall be subsumed under the Research Faculty thereof.

            1. Research Areas

            Advanced Materials, Internet of Things, Computer Science and Information Technology, Neutron Scattering and Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Environment System Engineering

            2. Major Responsibilities

            ●→Carry out cutting-edge research projects

            ●→Assist in the daily management of the research center

            ●→Assist in the design and development of the relevant disciplines in CityU (Dongguan)

            3. Qualifications

            ●→A Ph.D degree is required with an independent research proficiency

            ●→Outstanding research outputs in relevant fields

            ●→Ability to comprehend and communicate in English

            ●→40 years of age or younger is preferred

            4. Application Materials

            ●→Resume (including the whole publication list)

            ●→PDF files of 3 representative papers

            ●→Research plan statement

            ●→At least 3 reference letters

            5. Compensation and Benefits

            ●→Competitive remuneration packages

            ●→Sharing world-class scientific facilities with CityU

            ●→Successful applicant with outstanding performance will be recommended to apply the tenure-track faculty in CityU (Dongguan)

            Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.? Please send the application materials to the following email address: cityudgacademic@cityu.edu.cn